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Building Communities Through Community Building

ComunIBuild Foundation

ComunIBuild Foundation Inc 501c3 (84-4623817): is the non-profit arm to ComunIBuild, LLC, which is an original concept of Building Communities through Community Building, developed by Partners Barrington “Bo” Scott II & Charisse Callender-Scott. This includes residential housing and commercial business development, and the implementation of strategic partnerships to help support this development in a localized manner, including family and community engagement to support areas where our services will have the most dynamic impact, on the community as a whole.

The Mission: of ComunIBuild Foundation Inc. is to focus on developing a culture of Self-Sustainability within Communities. Encouraging citizens to become less reliant on what they need from external sources to survive and excel, and instead becoming more self-reliant, and empowered through education, and information sharing, increased access to resources, and connections that we provide, to help Demonstrate, and Educate communities on how to develop nurture, and nourish their own success, and access when it comes to Food, Finance, Housing, and Education, that as individuals, they can take and help build up their community, working together to break cycles of poverty, and systemic dependence, through an undeniable faith in God, and themselves. Our goal is to actively reignite the sense of Unity within our Communities from the inside out by establishing collaborative mechanisms for F.O.O.D. (Funding Our Own Development)™.

Partners: Barrington & Charisse Scott, a Husband and Wife duo, serve their communities, through volunteerism, and have established ComunIBuild in an effort to apply their professional experience, gifts and talents in the areas of Real Estate, Business, Community, & Youth Development, to leverage their influence and successfully redevelop communities suffering with depression, abuse, lack of vision, access, or desire to progress from a brick and mortar perspective, but more importantly, as it exists within the spirit of the people living within those communities. Named the Maryland Parent Teacher Association, Family of the Year in 2018, for their dynamic efforts, and selfless commitment to youth and families within their communities, The Scott’s are dedicated, to helping people address and successfully overcome the everyday challenges, that impact, compact, and often times distract their ability to live, create a legacy, and thrive, instead they just survive.

ComunIBuild, LLC (For Profit)
Housing & Community Development Partnerships
Affordable & Middle Housing Design & Build Strategies
Redevelopment, Renovation & Restoration
Commercial Business Site Development & Redevelopment

ComunIBuild Foundation Inc. (Non Profit)
Financial Education and Community Funding Resource Partnerships
Affordable & Middle Housing Homeownership & Stabilization Strategies
Community Wealth Restoration &Education
Increase Access to Equitable Education Opportunities, and Student Resources
Food Stabilization and Grow Garden Initiatives
Community Model for Small Business Growth & Community Development



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